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Divine Mercy In My Soul - English

Divine Mercy In My Soul - English

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Divine Mercy In My Soul

The extraordinary book exemplifies God’s miracles in our world and His love and mercy towards mankind. A must read for our times. The book that started the message and devotion to The Divine Mercy began on February 22, 1931, when a young Polish nun, Sr. Faustina Kowalska, saw a vision of Jesus with rays of mercy streaming from the area of His Heart. Jesus told her to have an image painted to represent this vision and to sign it, “Jesus, I trust in You!” Calling her the Apostle and Secretary of His mercy, He ordered her to begin writing a diary so others would learn to trust in Him. In a series of revelations, He taught her that His mercy is unlimited and available even to the greatest sinners, and He revealed special ways for people to respond to His mercy. Keep the book next to your Bible for inspiration and insights that come from Jesus’ own words! A must read and spiritual guide!

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